World on Fire

Written by Christian Kachel
Review by Justin M. Lindsay

It’s five years after the death of Alexander the Great, and his empire is in turmoil. Alexander’s generals and family vie for the throne of the splintering realm. Andrikos, still working alongside his mentor, Vettias, continues with the King’s Hand to secure the throne for Alexander’s heirs. They must leave the army in its mountain fastness of Nora in a desperate effort to save all they’ve fought for. And somehow, in the midst of it all, Andrikos must reunite with his one love, Mara, and bring her safely home.

This is the second installment of the Spoils of Olympus series. It’s a fascinating time in world history, and Kachel brings it to life. Andrikos’s rise from near-street criminal in a Macedonian town to one of the King’s Hand’s most important operators is believable and moving. As with the first novel, By the Sword, Kachel’s career as a military officer lends tremendous authenticity to both the narrative and to life while on campaign. He’s done his homework, and he manages to take the larger-than-life personalities of Alexander’s generals, men whose actions during this time altered the course of history, and make them dynamic and intriguing.