Jackie Drohan

An Ocean Between Us

By Rachel Quinn - Published 2018


A first effort at historical fiction by an established literary author, An Ocean Between Us begins as a flashback from present-day New York ...Read Review

The Moon Sister: A Novel (The Seven Sisters)

By Lucinda Riley - Published 2018Published 2019


This latest installment in Riley’s The Seven Sisters series is set in a hybrid timeframe of modern-day Scotland and WWI-era Spain. Tiggy ...Read Review

Goodbye for Now

By M.J. Hollows - Published 2018


It’s 1914, and Europe is being torn apart as World War One gains momentum. The novel is written from the perspectives of two ...Read Review

Playing with Fire: A 1960s British Mystery (Kate O’Donnell Mystery)

By Patricia Hall - Published 2018



Set in 1960s Soho London, Playing with Fire will be of more interest to fans of standard detective fare than historical fiction. Detective ...Read Review

The Collector’s Apprentice

By B.A. Shapiro - Published 2018



This compelling novel encompasses romance, betrayal, fraud, and manipulation in the world of fine art during the early 20th century. The novel’s ...Read Review

November Road

By Lou Berney - Published 2018



November Road is a gripping drama steeped in the aftermath of the JFK assassination in 1963. Charlotte Roy has made the uncertain decision to ...Read Review

Raven’s Risk

By Robert F. Lackey - Published 2017



Accessible characters and rich historical detail mark this third in Lackey’s nautical series set in 1840s Maryland. Sonja and Ben Pulaski struggle ...Read Review

The Pear Tree

By K. M. Sandrick - Published 2017


This indie gem is a gripping and historically authentic recounting of the 1942 assassination of Nazi leader Reinhardt Heydrich in Czechoslovakia, the hunting and ...Read Review

Fire in the Year of Four Emperors

By Rick Deragon - Published 2017


This riveting novel is set in 1st-century Rome following Nero’s rule. Galba, the governor of Spain, declares himself emperor. Four Roman generals ...Read Review

The Devil’s Reward

By Christopher Jon Delogu (trans.) - By Emmanuelle de Villepin - Published 2018



Evocative is the best description of this short novel spanning two world wars to the present day, and which, despite its often superfluous ...Read Review