The Jewel Thief

Written by Jeannie Mobley
Review by Jackie Drohan

For those who love romance novels mixed with a little mystery, The Jewel Thief is an enticing, well researched novel based on the history of the Hope Diamond. Juliette Pitau is the 16-year-old daughter of the King’s crown jeweler, Jean Pitau, who enthralled Louis XIV with his ability to cut jewels in unique beautiful designs. The story takes place in 17th-century France and begins as Juliette is in the Bastille prison in Paris, begging for her life as the King knows she has stolen his most precious jewel, a deep blue diamond. Her father was commanded to make the diamond shine like the sun. Unfortunately, Juliette’s father, having never cut a diamond quite like the blue diamond, believes he will fail and ruin his family. Juliette’s father leaves his family to seek and acquire the knowledge of the only jeweler he believes capable of cutting the way the King wants.

To help her father, Juliette seeks to learn the trade, and when her father falls into a debilitating depression, Juliette takes it upon herself to cut the stone. As she begs for her life, she is required to recount what happened to the diamond to the man she loves, René, who no longer believes her. She provides her written record in an effort to convince the King that her motives were pure, and to convince René of her love.

The writing style is florid but inviting. Lovers of historical teen romance will find much to like about The Jewel Thief. Recommended.