Elizabeth Knowles


By Libbie Hawker - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

Jamestown, Virginia Colony, 1607. This long novel is a retelling of the Pocahontas and John Smith story. Opening with Pocahontas as a child, and ...Read Review

Trapped by Scandal

By Jane Feather - Published 2015



France and England, 1794-1795. Lady Hermione Fanshawe and William Ducasse, Viscount St. Aubery, meet in jail and put themselves in grave danger as ...Read Review

To Capture Her Heart

By Rebecca DeMarino - Published 2015



New York, 1653. The Hortons are well-established on Long Island now, and this second novel in a series continues their story. They are friendly ...Read Review

Throne of Darkness

By Douglas Nicholas - Published 2015



Northern England, 1215. In this third of a series (after Something Red and The Wicked), travelling musicians Maeve, Nemain, Jack, and Hob are again ...Read Review

The Fleeting Years

By Connie Monk - Published 2015



This British family saga begins in the 1950s and follows the Marchand family from Peter and Zina’s tenth wedding anniversary, until the ...Read Review

The Wood’s Edge

By Lori Benton - Published 2015


In 1757 when Fort William Henry falls to the French and Indians, Major Reginald Aubrey switches his dead newborn for a live Native American ...Read Review

The Creole Princess

By Beth White - Published 2015



Mobile, Alabama, 1776. Young Creole beauty Lyse Lanier meets handsome, foppish, Rafe Gonzalez. Rafe is Spanish, at a time when Spain’s political position ...Read Review

Letters to the Lost

By Iona Grey - Published 2015


This English love story intertwines the lives of Stella Thorne and Dan Rosinski in World War II, and Jess Moran and Will Holt ...Read Review

Blood of the South

By Alys Clare - Published 2015



In this sixth book of the 11th-century Aelf Fen series, apprentice healer Lassair meets a mysterious, veiled woman on the quay in Cambridge. ...Read Review

The Oblate’s Confession

By William Peak - Published 2014


In 7th-century England, the boy Winwaed is given to the local monastery by his warrior father, Ceolwulf. Winwaed, an oblate, is raised there. ...Read Review

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