His Lady in Hiding

Written by Jen Geigle Johnson
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

In 1817 London, Lady Elizabeth Davenport’s parents insist she marry the loathsome, rich Lord Pinweather. Impersonating her maid, Elizabeth calls herself Heidi and sails for a housekeeper’s position in America. Onboard the ship she meets Lord Anthony Barton, second son of the Marquess of Sussex. Anthony plans to start a shipping company in Philadelphia. Establishing rapport on the difficult voyage, the two soon realize that, coincidentally, Heidi is Anthony’s new housekeeper. People and problems from the past continue to threaten their growing love and their chances for a life together. How can they achieve their happy ending—and where?

The story is weakened by coarse portrayals of the one-note villain, lackluster descriptions of British settings, and an unlikely peril-at-sea episode. Modern names are distracting: Heidi, Todd, Tracey, Sussex. Heidi’s concerns for literacy and slavery read like afterthoughts, and both Anthony and Heidi receive contrived windfalls late in the book that come out of nowhere.

Still, despite my quibbles, it is always pleasant to see brave, deserving people finish well. This is a heartfelt, emotional story that some avid Regency readers may like.