Tempted by Her Viking Enemy

Written by Terri Brisbin
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

This story, Book Five in the multi-authored Sons of Sigurd series, is set in 9th-century Scotland. Beautiful widow Katla Thorfinnsdottir was abused by her loutish husband, and is now being mistreated by her father, Thorfinn. Rugged Viking warrior Brandt Sigurdsson travels from Norway to kill Thorfinn, who has slaughtered many in Brandt’s family. When Brandt is gravely wounded and taken prisoner, Katla tends his injuries during his weeks in captivity. The two fall in love while unraveling a web of treachery and bloodshed. They indulge in white-hot, explicit lovemaking while planning their escape and trying to uncover the true villain.

This story is dark and humorless, full of thuggery, steamy sex, domestic abuse, paganism, and the constant cold of winter. It is true to the times, and fans of this violent period should enjoy it. Anyone looking for lighter fare should probably pass.