Cathy Kemp

Ghost Light

By Joseph O’Connor - Published 2010


Biographical Fiction

An elderly woman, living alone in rented accommodation in a dilapidated tenement, would seem an unlikely character to engage the reader for the ...Read Review

A Vein of Deceit

By Susanna Gregory - Published 2009



This is the 15th chronicle in the series featuring Matthew Bartholomew, a Fellow of Michaelhouse College. Living in 14th-century Cambridge, Bartholomew has an ...Read Review

The Westminster Poisoner

By Susanna Gregory - Published 2008



  Setting The Westminster Poisoner during the festivities of Christmas and Twelfth Night of 1663-1664 gives Gregory ample opportunity to spin a complicated ...Read Review

Corsair: The Adventures of Hector Lynch

By Tim Severin - Published 2007



The unfortunate Hector Lynch certainly gets his fair share of adventures in this novel and is still only eighteen years of age by ...Read Review

Sea of Lost Love

By Santa Montefiore - Published 2007



The choice of two picturesque coastal situations—the Cornish ancestral home of the Montague family and a former Italian convent turned guest house—...Read Review

Edward Trencom’s Nose

By Giles Milton - Published 2007



Prepare yourself for olfactory gastronomy in the cheese department. Milton’s first novel provides the brain with stimulation of an extraordinary kind, particularly ...Read Review

Chaucer and the Doctor of Physic

By Philippa Morgan - Published 2006



Life for Chaucer in the 14th century would appear to have had its fair share of difficulties and intrigue. As poet, king’s ...Read Review

Gathering The Water

By Robert Edric - Published 2006


Imagine how you would feel if your home was put under a compulsory purchase order and the area turned into a reservoir to ...Read Review

The Gypsy Madonna

By Santa Montefiore - Published 2006



During the occupation of France in the Second World War, “horizontal” collaboration with the German occupying forces resulted in ostracism for the women ...Read Review

Winter In Madrid

By C. J. Sansom -


Having no previous knowledge of Sansom’s prior success, both critically and commercially, with crime novels set in Tudor times, it was with ...Read Review