Cathy Kemp

The Darkness Within

By Alanna Knight - Published 2017



In the wilds of Orkney in 1906, Emily’s family have gathered to support her, following the sudden death of her husband at the ...Read Review

The Shipbuilder’s Daughter

By Emma Fraser - Published 2017


Living in Glasgow in the late 1920s, Margaret Bannatyne, the only surviving child, is limited in the opportunities available for her to follow ...Read Review

District Nurse on Call

By Donna Douglas - Published 2017


Set in West Yorkshire in 1926, the latest novel by Donna Douglas introduces us to District Nursing in a mining community in the village ...Read Review

Sisters at War

By Milly Adams - Published 2016



Bryony ‘Bee’ Miller runs her deceased father’s light aircraft business jointly with Eddie, who was her father’s best friend. She shares ...Read Review

A Nightingale Christmas Carol

By Donna Douglas - Published 2016


Towards the end of 1944, the East End of London had suffered huge devastation from the blitz, leaving a landscape devoid of many landmarks ...Read Review

The House in Quill Court

By Charlotte Betts - Published 2016



In 1813, a time when there was no formal law enforcement, hardworking business people were regularly threatened to pay tithes to a mob leader ...Read Review

The City in Darkness

By Michael Russell - Published 2016



In the lead up to Christmas 1939 and with World War Two beginning across the Irish Sea, the Special Branch in Dublin appear more ...Read Review

Bamboo Island

By Ann Bennett - Published 2015


Malaysia has a history largely unknown to many in the West, and the events that took place during the Second World War may ...Read Review

An Unrestored Woman and Other Stories

By Shobha Rao - Published 2016


LiteraryShort Stories

This was the first time I have encountered stories relating to the period of the Partition between India and Pakistan in 1947, and what ...Read Review

The Food of Love: Book One, Laura’s Story

By Prue Leith - Published 2015



England before the Second World War, and we follow Laura, the youngest of three siblings with two brothers each born a decade apart, ...Read Review