Cathy Kemp

Back to School

By Jack Sheffield - Published 2020


Education at the end of the 1960s saw most classes still taught in rows, facing forwards and with the teacher holding the children’...Read Review

Nightingale Wedding Bells

By Donna Douglas - Published 2019


In the eleventh book in this series, focusing once more on the nurses at the Nightingale hospital in 1917, Douglas paints an interesting picture ...Read Review

Changing Times (Jack Shepherd 12)

By Jack Sheffield - Published 2019



Trudging through the academic year of 1963-64, we find all the usual characters of Ragley going about their normal lives; the children grow ...Read Review

The Liverpool Nightingales (The Nursing Series)

By Kate Eastham - Published 2019


Starting her story in 1870 and moving the location to a deprived area of Liverpool, the latest offering from Kate Eastham sees another group ...Read Review

A Nightingale Christmas Promise (Nightingales 10)

By Donna Douglas - Published 2018



With the threat of war looming in 1914, there is uncertainty across the country and throughout Europe. In east London at the Nightingale Hospital, ...Read Review

Starting Over

By Jack Sheffield - Published 2018


At the start of the academic year 1952-53, Ragley village school has an intake of pupils sufficient to warrant a second full-time teacher. ...Read Review

The Fisherman’s Girl

By Maggie Ford - Published 2018



After the Wall Street crash of 1929, the ripples of the Depression were felt far and wide across the globe, including the little port ...Read Review

Mad Blood Stirring

By Simon Mayo - Published 2018


The turn of the year 1815 sees the little-remembered war with America end, though the peace treaty has yet to be ratified. In the ...Read Review

The City of Lies

By Michael Russell - Published 2017



Set in Ireland in 1940, the fourth book of the Stefan Gillespie series finds him embroiled in the search for the murderer of a ...Read Review

Hearts and Minds: The Untold Story of the Great Pilgimage and How Women Won the Vote

By Jane Robinson - Published 2018



Knowing the differences between suffragists and suffragettes may seem clear cut to us now, but at that distance in history, fake news was ...Read Review

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