The Genes of Isis

By Justin Newland - Published 2017



A flood is coming, one capable of wiping out all life on earth. However, when Akasha and Horque lock eyes for the first ...Read Review

Children of the Chieftain: Bounty

By Michael E. Wills - Published 2017


Children/Young Adult

Though eager to head home, the young crew of the Viking ship Eagle are tasked with carrying a message to the land of ...Read Review

The Song-Sayer’s Lament

By David Ebsworth - Published 2016


The song sayer in question is the blind Morgose, but this tale of post-Roman Britain is narrated by Merriden, friend and mentor of ...Read Review

The Scent of Lilacs

By Haydn Corper - Published 2016


During the last days of Berlin, 1945, we follow five different people, each with different loyalties and different roles in this tense story: Tanya, ...Read Review

On the Account

By Helen Hollick - Published 2016



From the mists of Exmoor to the bustle of Bristol in the early 18th century, this fifth instalment of the Sea Witch Voyages ...Read Review

A Kiss from France

By Susan Hughes - Published 2015


A note to a stranger in a box of gun shells; a factory girl imagining the soldier reading her words. Could the romance ...Read Review

The Road to Salvation

By Rob Collinge - Published 2016



The Road to Salvation is a well-constructed book, and a page turner. It follows the story of a poor weaver’s son, Reynald ...Read Review


By Yvonne Payne - Published 2015


Kritsotopoula, by Yvonne Payne, is split into two unequal halves. The first section, which is longer, gives the background to the Cretan culture ...Read Review

Children of the Chieftain: Banished

By Michael E. Wills - Published 2015


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

Children of the Chieftain: Banished, follows the exciting adventures of a group of fearless young people whose lives have been altered by a ...Read Review


By Alison Morton - Published 2016


Alternate HistoryThriller

Ms Morton returns to the world of Roma Nova in her series about an alternate history of Europe, where the Roman Empire survives ...Read Review

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