The Horse Changer

By Craig Smith - Published 2015



Set over the course of Rome’s Civil Wars (1st century BC) and with its jumping off point Horace’s Ode to Dellius, ...Read Review

Queen of Bedlam

By Laura Purcell - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

I cannot applaud Laura Purcell enough for her depiction of the far-reaching, destructive effects of mental illness. I also appreciated her depiction of ...Read Review

The Garden of Evening Mists

By Tan Twan Eng - Published 2012



Malaysian Chinese Judge Teoh Yun Ling takes early retirement from the Bench in 1987 without telling anyone why. Now free of her obligations, she ...Read Review

Roma Victrix

By Russell Whitfield - Published 2011



This is the second novel of a trilogy, following on from Gladiatrix (HNR 49, pp. 9-10). Lysandra, brought up in the Spartan caste of ...Read Review

Breaking Bamboo

By Tim Murgatroyd - Published 2010


The novel begins in Nancheng, China in 1266 and is the second instalment of a trilogy, although it works fine as a standalone story. ...Read Review

The De Lacy Inheritance

By Elizabeth Ashworth - Published 2010


Nobleman Richard FitzEustace returns from the Holy Land suffering from leprosy and, according to the law of the land, must bid farewell to ...Read Review

Taming Poison Dragons

By Tim Murgatroyd - Published 2009


This novel opens in 1196 with Yun Cai in exile on his family estates in western China. The once-famous poet has lost the love ...Read Review

Hope Against Hope

By Sally Zigmond - Published 2010


1837 sees the start of a powerful story about two young sisters, stoical and industrious Carrie, and carefree and vivacious May. They are living ...Read Review

Mrs. Lincoln

By Janis Cooke Newman - Published 2007Published 2008


Biographical FictionLiterary

Born in 1819 and brought up in Kentucky in a slave-owning family, Mary Lincoln visited a black one-legged ‘conjure woman’ who told her that ...Read Review

The Blood Lance

By Craig Smith - Published 2008



In 1935 Otto Rahn publishes a book about the Holy Grail that catches the eye of Himmler. Rahn agrees to become the SS’s ...Read Review