Iron Will: Brunel’s Battle to Become the Greatest Engineer of the Victorian Age

By Toby Strauss - Published 2020


Biographical Fiction

Isambard Kingdom Brunel is a name which conjures up the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the Great Western Railway and its London terminus, Paddington Station, ...Read Review

The Merest Loss

By Steven Neil - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

The Merest Loss is a novel set in Victorian England about Harriet Howard, mistress of the Emperor Louis Napoleon III. What a cracking ...Read Review

The Titans of the Pacific: A Historical Thriller

By Robert Gammon - Published 2017



Titans of the Pacific tells of the political and economic tribulations in Peru during the early 1930s. It is a novel of the ...Read Review

That Deplorable Boy

By Jasper Barry - Published 2018


This is the second volume in the Miremont trilogy, set in Belle Époque France, which began with The Second Footman. Max Fabien is ...Read Review

The Wolf of Dalriada

By Elizabeth Gates - Published 2016



Confused by the frequent changes of location, date and point of view, it took some time for me to come to grips with ...Read Review

The Fair Maid of Kent

By Caroline Newark - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

Joan of Kent is a fascinating historical figure. Newark’s novel covers the early part of her life. Joan is cousin to the ...Read Review

Children of the Mists

By Lexa Dudley - Published 2016



Everyone assumes childhood sweethearts Raffaella and Antonio will marry one day, but their hopes are dashed when Raffaella’s father dies and Orlando, ...Read Review

1066 Turned Upside Down

By Alison Morton - By Anna Belfrage - By Annie Whitehead - By Carol McGrath - By Eliza Redgold - By G. K. Holloway - By Helen Hollick - By Joanna Courtney - By Richard Dee - Published 2016


Alternate HistoryShort Stories

This volume is a collection of short stories by nine well-known authors, all concerned with the same theme – the intriguing ‘what if?’ of ...Read Review

Two Bullets in Sarajevo

By D Lawrence Young - Published 2016


David Young tackles the telling of events leading up to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand from two different perspectives: the assassin, Gavrilo ...Read Review

The Trial of Marie Montrecourt

By Kay Patrick - Published 2016



Right from the start the reader is gripped in this tale of political corruption, women’s rights and mysterious benefactors. Marie Montrecourt is ...Read Review

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