The Titans of the Pacific: A Historical Thriller

Written by Robert Gammon
Review by Christoph Fischer

Titans of the Pacific tells of the political and economic tribulations in Peru during the early 1930s. It is a novel of the unfamiliar drawn with the familiar: the rise of German and Japanese imperial ambition, but set in South America. Historians will love the feast of detail and this well researched account of Peruvian power struggles. The fiction, meanwhile, follows two love affairs caught in the middle of these wider political events, and ponders these events through the viewpoint of an Irish American emigre.

I personally struggled in the beginning with the level of detail and the setup of the rather complex political and personal backgrounds. However, as I acclimatised, I began to enjoy the book vastly, as all the various strands come perfectly together.

With plenty of suspense and tension, this is a great effort that should appeal particularly to readers who are looking to learn more about some of the lesser-covered countries and political issues of the 20th century.