Knox Robinson

The Quest for the Crown of Thorns

By Cynthia Ripley Miller - Published 2017



A matter so important it dare not be put to parchment calls Arria and her husband Garic from Gaul to Arria’s family ...Read Review

Thoreau’s Wound

By Danny Kuhn - Published 2017



Laconic Irishman Finbar Laverty is the unlikely hero of this rollicking, picturesque novel set in Ireland, London and New England from the Tithe ...Read Review

Shadow of Athena

By Elena Douglas - Published 2017


In 7th century B.C.E. Greece, the Fall of Troy is still fresh enough to demand sacrifice. The homeland of the disgraced ...Read Review

The Second Blast of the Trumpet

By Marie MacPherson - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

John Knox, the 16th-century Protestant religious reformer, is the subject of this book, the second in a trilogy about his life and times. ...Read Review

Agrippa’s Wake

By Ralph Jackman - Published 2016


Biographical Fiction

Around 27 BC in Rome, after Octavian becomes the first Roman emperor Caesar Augustus, a man stands beside a tombstone inscribed with the name ...Read Review

A Jacketing Concern

By Margaret Southall - Published 2016



In 1811, within a mansion in London’s Somers Town, Lord Roderick, sixth Baron Davenant, lies in bed in the arms of Harriette, a ...Read Review

Light up in Wonder

By Patrick Gooch - Published 2016


It’s 1894 when Sam Lockhart, a young Brighton gardener, is hastily recruited by an eccentric character to prune a hedge in front of ...Read Review

American Baroque

By Adam Littleton - Published 2014


In the summer of 1835, three strangers saunter into Mohawk, Indiana: an urchin, a scruffy schoolteacher and a scruffier, cheerfully inebriated preacher dressed in ...Read Review

On the Edge of Sunrise

By Cynthia Ripley Miller - Published 2015



AD 450. The Roman Empire is breaking apart, and Attila the Hun has his sights set on conquering Gaul. An Assembly of Warriors is ...Read Review

The King’s Sisters

By Sarah Kennedy - Published 2015


This is the latest instalment in a trilogy, after The Altarpiece and City of Ladies, which follows the challenges faced by Catherine Havens, ...Read Review