On the Edge of Sunrise

Written by Cynthia Ripley Miller
Review by Marilyn Sherlock

AD 450. The Roman Empire is breaking apart, and Attila the Hun has his sights set on conquering Gaul. An Assembly of Warriors is held in Gaul to try and unite Rome and the various erstwhile tribal factions into an army capable of defeating Attila. Arria, daughter of a Roman Senator and well-versed in the politics and diplomacy of the day, is sent to this assembly. Arria is abducted from the Assembly by a Chamavi warrior, a barbarian from another tribe, but then rescued by Garic, a Frank, who is aided by his cousin, Vodamir. Arria and Garic fall in love at first sight.

The love story between Garic and Arria is set against a background of fierce battles, intrigue, jealousy and betrayal. Arria is unwillingly betrothed to Drusus, a Roman tribune who sees this marriage as a means to fulfilling his personal ambitions, whilst Garic is a long-haired Frank well beneath her in rank. The story weaves, twists and turns at a tremendous pace, and the characters leap off the pages, which simply keep on turning. This is the author’s debut novel, the first in her ‘Long Hair’ series. I look forward to reading more in due course. Recommended.