Graydon House

The Orphan of Cemetery Hill

By Hester Fox - Published 2020


Orphans Alice and Tabby flee to Boston in 1844 to escape their aunt and uncle, charlatans who prey on the bereaved, claiming to be ...Read Review

Hedy’s War (UK) / The Girl from the Channel Islands (US)

By Jenny Lecoat - Published 2020Published 2021


Biographical Fiction

After fleeing from Vienna to Jersey after the Anschluss, Hedy Bercu finds herself trapped and in danger once more when the Germans invade ...Read Review

Truths I Never Told You

By Kelly Rimmer - Published 2020


Beth Walsh never expected to feel so overwhelmed after the birth of her long-awaited son. With her beloved father’s health in rapid ...Read Review

The Grace Kelly Dress

By Brenda Janowitz - Published 2020


The Grace Kelly Dress tells the story of three women connected through the generations by a Grace Kelly-inspired wedding dress. In 1958 Paris, Rose ...Read Review

The Widow of Pale Harbor

By Hester Fox - Published 2019


In the small and declining Maine town of Pale Harbor in 1846, Sophronia Carver, a widow and literary magazine publisher, lives with her servant ...Read Review

The Things We Cannot Say

By Kelly Rimmer - Published 2019


Straddling the past and the present, The Things We Cannot Say is a mesmerizing tale of family, memory, forgiveness, and unconditional love, but ...Read Review

The Woman in the Lake

By Nicola Cornick - Published 2019



Despite the title, the real subject of this engrossing novel is the spectacular golden gown that travels between two worlds: 1763 England, where Lady ...Read Review

The Witch of Willow Hall

By Hester Fox - Published 2018


Tapping into recent interests in Gothic fiction, Fox’s uneven debut focuses on the middle daughter of a wealthy New England family who ...Read Review