Kelly Rimmer

The Paris Agent

By Kelly Rimmer - Published 2023



In May to July 1970, Charlotte Ainsworth helps her father Noah overcome gaps in memory and answer a question that has haunted him since ...Read Review

The German Wife

By Kelly Rimmer - Published 2022


In 1950, Sofie and her children leave war-ravaged Berlin for Huntsville, Alabama, where they are reunited with Sofie’s husband, Jürgen, whom Sophie ...Read Review

The Warsaw Orphan: A WWII Novel

By Kelly Rimmer - Published 2021


The year is 1942, and Elzbieta is living with her adoptive parents in Nazi-occupied Warsaw. She knows that there is an enclosed area overcrowded ...Read Review

Truths I Never Told You

By Kelly Rimmer - Published 2020


Beth Walsh never expected to feel so overwhelmed after the birth of her long-awaited son. With her beloved father’s health in rapid ...Read Review

The Things We Cannot Say

By Kelly Rimmer - Published 2019


Straddling the past and the present, The Things We Cannot Say is a mesmerizing tale of family, memory, forgiveness, and unconditional love, but ...Read Review