Fireship Press

Molly’s Song

By Lee Hutch - Published 2021


In December 1862, 18-year-old Molly O’Sullivan leaves County Galway, Ireland for New York City to find better opportunities. On the voyage over, dysentery ...Read Review

Cartledge Creek

By Sam McGee - Published 2021



Set during the years of the American Civil War (1861-1865), this tale chronicles the journey of the Dockery family as they negotiate these ...Read Review

Captains of the Renown (Tween Sea and Shore)

By D E Stockman - Published 2021



The second in the Tween Sea and Shore series, Captains of the Renown follows the exploits of several characters connected to the eponymous 18...Read Review

The Hell Run

By Anthony Palmiotti - Published 2021



The reader follows several initially separate scenarios: namely, the commissioning of a new hastily constructed Liberty Ship SS John Ireland; the increasingly hard ...Read Review

The Tsar’s Locket

By Ken Czech - Published 2020


In 1581 near London, Julian Blunt, a former sea captain, walks into a Catholic cemetery towards his wife’s grave. It was for her ...Read Review

Quest for Gold

By Ryan Fleming - Published 2019



Pirate life sounded like paradise to eighteen-year-old Daniel Wincott, compared to the abuse he received from his drunken father. Opportunity for riches and ...Read Review

The Ship’s Carpenter (Tween Sea and Shore)

By D E Stockman - Published 2019



In 1742, peace exists between France and England. Young Abraham Robinson, who injured his hand in an accident, is released as a shipwright at ...Read Review

The Cobbler’s Daughter

By G S Singer - Published 2019


In 1872, strong-willed Jenny Crispin, having broken up with her fiancé, arrives in New York City from Pottsville, Pennsylvania. She works as a clerk ...Read Review

Death Beneath the Waves

By Anthony Palmiotti - Published 2019



In January 1942, U-124 sets sail toward what are considered to be easy targets—ships paralleling the Eastern Seaboard that have not yet been ...Read Review

In Search of Brigid Coltrane

By Seamus Beirne - Published 2018



It is 1941 in Ireland; Peter Coltrane and his young daughter, Brigid, are fishing in Loch Gorm when they witness the executions of two ...Read Review