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In the Unsettled Homeland of Dreams

By Thomas Davis - Published 2019


In late 1840s Missouri, 14-year-old Joshua’s mother tells him to follow her into the swamp to a religious service for slaves. There ...Read Review

Saint Michael’s Sword: Tip of the Blade

By Cris Harding - Published 2018


Saint Michael’s Sword: Tip of the Blade by Cris Harding is set in 9th-century France during an era undergoing tumultuous change with ...Read Review

A House Near Luccoli

By D.M. Denton - Published 2012


Biographical FictionRomance

The remarkable Baroque composer Alessandro Stradella stands at the center of Denton’s bright, sparkling novel A House Near Luccoli. Unmarried, mid-thirties Genoan ...Read Review

Martyrs and Traitors: A Tale of 1916

By Marina Julia Neary - Published 2011


Biographical Fiction

The typically romantic approach to the Easter Rising in Ireland in 1916 is refreshingly missing in this story of Bulmer Hobson, a leader of ...Read Review