Colin Falconer

Loving Liberty Levine

By Colin Falconer - Published 2019


Sarah Levine has what she calls “bad” thoughts about stealing the children of her relatives. In the early 1900s, her husband Micah decides ...Read Review


By Colin Falconer - Published 2012



1205: The knight Philip of Vercy has survived a year of savage warfare in the Holy Land and sails back to his castle in ...Read Review

Silk Road

By Colin Falconer - Published 2011



The Knights Templar and the Mongol Empire have both been popular topics among historical novelists in recent years; this novel has them both ...Read Review

The Sultan’s Harem

By Colin Falconer - Published 2004



Previously pub. in the UK in 1992 as Harem, out of print Colin Falconer can write; I have reviewed him in this space before. ...Read Review

Feathered Serpent

By Colin Falconer - Published 2002


Biographical Fiction

The adventurer Hernan Cortés arrives on the coast of Mexico with a handful of men, armor, horses and guns. He proceeds to ...Read Review

When We Were Gods: The Story of Cleopatra

By Colin Falconer - Published 2000


Biographical Fiction

Here is yet another novel about the last of the Ptolemy pharaohs, Cleopatra. Young when the reins of rulership are placed in her ...Read Review