Jazz Age


By W.M. Akers - Published 2019


Alternate History

Akers imagines a fence thirteen miles long dividing the Manhattan of 1921 into two parts: eastside and westside. The eastside appears to be all ...Read Review

Relative Fortunes (A Julia Kydd Novel)

By Marlowe Benn - Published 2019



1924, Manhattan. On her 25th birthday, Julia Kydd will finally be in control of her inheritance. She travels from London to New York to ...Read Review

Under the Midnight Sun (The Heart of Alaska)

By Kimberley Woodhouse - By Tracie Peterson - Published 2019



This third in The Heart of Alaska series takes time to build the backstories of its central characters: Thomas Smith, an orphan adopted ...Read Review

Gods of Jade and Shadow

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia - Published 2019


Historical Fantasy

In 1927 young Casiopea, as the poor relation to a wealthy family, leads a Cinderella-esque life in a drab small town in Yucatan, quietly ...Read Review

Irish Above All: A Novel

By Mary Pat Kelly - Published 2019Published 2019-02-05



The third in Kelly’s own family-based sagas (following Galway Bay and Of Irish Blood), Irish Above All lands 44-year-old photographer Nora Kelly ...Read Review

City of Flickering Light

By Juliette Fay - Published 2019


1921. Irene Van Beck and Millie Martin, dancers in a burlesque show, have just jumped from a moving train, a plan they kept hidden ...Read Review

In the Full Light of the Sun

By Clare Clark - Published 2019



Berlin 1923, Julius Köhler-Schultz in his late fifties, is a successful art critic and writer. His rather rushed marriage to the philandering and ...Read Review

Minky Woodcock: The Girl Who Handcuffed Houdini

By Cynthia Von Buhler - Published 2018



This stunning graphic novel will appeal not only to Houdini devotees but also to those who may discover, within in its luscious pages, ...Read Review

Rags to Riches

By Maggie Ford - Published 2019



This novel sheds light on two social classes in London in the 1920s, when everything is turned upside down by both lust and ...Read Review

The Satapur Moonstone (A Perveen Mistry Novel)

By Sujata Massey - Published 2019



Perveen Mistry’s position as the only female lawyer in 1921 Bombay keeps her services in demand. When Sir David Hobson-Jones, the governor’s ...Read Review