Laurel Corona

The Mapmaker’s Daughter

By Laurel Corona - Published 2014


The Mapmaker’s Daughter begins in Spain, in that fortuitous year, 1492. Fortuitous for some. For others, like the Jewish population, not so lucky. ...Read Review

Finding Emilie

By Laurel Corona - Published 2011



Laurel Corona, author of The Four Seasons, an outstanding novel of Vivaldi’s Venice, turns to 18th-century France in her enthralling new novel, ...Read Review

Penelope’s Daughter

By Laurel Corona - Published 2010


Born soon after her father Odysseus sails for Troy, Xanthe is left behind to grow up on the rocky isle of Ithaca, hearing ...Read Review

The Four Seasons

By Laurel Corona - Published 2008



Two sisters, Chiaretta and Maddalena, are abandoned at a religious foundling home in 18th-century Venice. The Pietà raises its orphans to perform in ...Read Review

Until Our Last Breath

By Laurel Corona - By Michael Bart - Published 2008



At his father’s funeral, Michael Bart is approached by a mourner who informs him that his parents belonged to a World War ...Read Review