HNR Issue 76 (May 2016)

Stealing Games: How John McGraw Transformed Baseball with the 1911 New York Giants

By Maury Klein - Published 2016



In 1911, the New York Giants of the National League stole 347 bases, a record that still stands today. The early baseball seasons were known ...Read Review

On This Foundation

By Lynn Austin - Published 2015



Nehemiah is a mere cup bearer (food taster) to the King of Persia in a palace one thousand miles from Jerusalem. The King ...Read Review


By Sarah Walton - Published 2016


There are interesting stories alluded to in Sarah Walton’s Rufius, including the destruction of the Great Library at Alexandria, the repository for ...Read Review

Portrait of a Conspiracy: Da Vinci’s Disciples, Book 1

By Donna Russo Morin - Published 2016



In Renaissance Florence, revenge rules supreme, and the feud between the powerful Medici and Pazzi families colors nearly every aspect of life. When ...Read Review

A Masterpiece of Corruption

By L.C. Tyler - Published 2016



As a huge fan of Tyler’s Ethelred and Elsie series, I was very happy to receive this to review and even happier ...Read Review

The Eloquence of the Dead

By Conor Brady - Published 2016



Conor Brady’s latest Joe Swallow procedural (after his debut in A June of Ordinary Murders, HNR 72) involves the 1880s Dublin Detective Sergeant ...Read Review

The Silent Shore of Memory

By John C. Kerr - Published 2016


Lt. James Barnhill is only 25 when General Hood leads the Fifth Texas Regiment against Little Round Top during the battle of Gettysburg. Hood ...Read Review

Speakers of the Dead: A Walt Whitman Mystery

By J. Aaron Sanders - Published 2016



1843: Walt Whitman, reporter and sometime poet, has failed to keep his friend, Lena Stowe, from hanging. Whitman knows Lena would never murder her ...Read Review

A Fine Imitation

By Amber Brock - Published 2016


Co-ed Vera Longacre is the epitome of an old money New York heiress: intelligent, beautiful, reserved, and above all a compliant daughter—until ...Read Review

Without Leave

By Deborah Fleming - Published 2014


In 1967 San Francisco, Seaman David Shields is on shore leave from the USS Loyola, having returned from service in the Western Pacific. He ...Read Review