Death Descends on Saturn Villa: The Gower Street Detective, Book 3

Written by M.R.C. Kasasian
Review by Jessica Brockmole

Another excellent installment in the Gower Street Detective mystery series! In this outing, the intrepid March Middleton receives a dinner invitation from the outlandishly named Ptolemy Travers Smith, a wealthy man claiming to be her long-lost uncle. “Uncle Tolly” is delightful but, by the next morning, also quite dead, and March is the only suspect. Her guardian, the irritable Sidney Grice, takes on the case, but it won’t be easy. As further events transpire, March’s guilt begins to look more certain and her fate sealed.

Death Descends on Saturn Villa is a more intricate mystery than the first two in the series, leaving this reader surprised at the twists and wondering until the end. The writing is just as flawless, though, packed full of delicious dialogue, voice-fueled narration, and many laugh-out-loud moments. The format is also somewhat different; in a positively delightful turn of events, a good third of the book is narrated by Grice himself. My adoration of Sidney and March remains unshaken. Heartily enjoyed!