Written by Mesu Andrews
Review by Linda Harris Sittig

Miriam is the sister of Moses. She watched her infant brother be rescued by Pharaoh’s daughter, and later wept when he escaped as an adult to sanctuary in the land of Midian. This novel begins with the return of Moses at the age of eighty back to Egypt, and how Miriam, the prophetess of the Hebrew slaves, learns to overcome her spiritual uncertainties and trust completely in God once again.

Miriam is now an old woman, and it is through her narration that we witness the devastating plagues that finally forced Pharaoh to allow the Hebrew slaves, led by Moses and Aaron, to leave Egypt. Through the story we come to know the details of Miriam’s extended family, including her brothers Moses and Aaron, her nephew Eleazar and his wife Taliah, and Hur—the love of Miriam’s younger years and finally her husband in old age.

Told by interweaving facts of ancient Egypt with the biblical text of Exodus, this book propels the reader along to its climactic ending with the parting of the Red Sea and the Hebrews’ ultimate escape from bondage. A thoroughly delightful read.