7th Century


By M. J. Porter - Published 2015



Seventh-century England, Edwin rules in Northumbria, Cadwallon in Gwynedd, and Penda is an ambitious lord looking to carve himself a kingdom of his ...Read Review

The Devil’s Seal

By Peter Tremayne - Published 2015



Ireland, 671. In this 25th book of a series, clerical visitors from the East mystify the rulers at Cashel. The delegation refuses to reveal ...Read Review

The Serpent Sword

By Matthew Harffy - Published 2015



Beobrand is a young man who travels from his home in Kent to join his older brother, Octa, in far off Bernicia. On ...Read Review

The Oblate’s Confession

By William Peak - Published 2014


In 7th-century England, the boy Winwaed is given to the local monastery by his warrior father, Ceolwulf. Winwaed, an oblate, is raised there. ...Read Review

Voices of the Stars

By Rowena Whaling - Published 2014



Morgan, Lady of the Lake, is the primary focus of this novel about King Arthur, but the scope is wide. Not only does ...Read Review

Better than Gold

By Theresa Tomlinson - Published 2014


Children/Young Adult

This is a welcome story about a little-known period of Saxon history and welcome, too, because of its neglected northern setting where so ...Read Review

The Tribute Bride

By Theresa Tomlinson - Published 2014Published 2018-06-20


Biographical Fiction

A very enjoyable historical novel! The role of women, even those of high status, is often impossible to track through primary sources. The ...Read Review

Catacombs of Vanaheim

By Richard Denning - Published 2013


AdventureChildren/Young AdultFantasy

An ideal read for Young Adults, the fantasy-based next adventure in Richard Denning’s Nine Worlds series is a thrilling action-packed read. The ...Read Review

Atonement of Blood

By Peter Tremayne - Published 2014



Fidelma’s brother Colgú, the king of Muman, is holding a royal feast. Finally, after months on the road, investigating mysteries and solving ...Read Review

Edwin: High King of Britain

By Edoardo Albert - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

There are reasons why so little historical fiction has been set in England in the 7th century. Not only are contemporary accounts scarce, ...Read Review