The Serpent Sword

Written by Matthew Harffy

AD 633, a time of upheaval and war. Beobrand, a young man with a shadowy past, travels to the kingdom of Bernicia in the north of Albion to join his brother, Octa, as a warrior in the household of King Edwin. When he arrives, he finds that his brother is dead and he soon suspects that he was murdered. Beobrand must learn to fight as a warrior, standing strong in the shield wall. Driven by a desire for vengeance, he must choose between being a warrior or a killer. Can he satisfy his need for vengeance without sacrificing his honour?

First published as an ebook in 2016, this is the first in the Bernicia Chronicles series. With strong, believable characters and plot, this is a remarkable debut novel. The fight sequences are realistic, and the story races along with the speed of a striking sword. If you are a fan of Iggulden or Cornwell you will love this. A very welcome addition to the genre. Strap on your sword, take up your shield, and join the shield wall. Highly recommended.