Edoardo Albert

Conrad Monk and the Great Heathen Army

By Edoardo Albert - Published 2018



Following in the tradition of unreliable and unpleasant narrators such as Flashman, the main character, the Conrad of the title, is a thoroughly ...Read Review

Oswiu: King of Kings

By Edoardo Albert - Published 2016


Oswiu has replaced his much-loved brother, Oswald, as the Anglo-Saxon king ruling Bernicia (Northumbria) from his stronghold at Bamburgh. Oswald has been killed ...Read Review

Oswald: Return of the King

By Edoardo Albert - Published 2015


Biographical Fiction

In the second of the Northumbrian Thrones series, we return once again to 7th-century Anglo-Saxon Britain and to the exiled King Oswald of ...Read Review

Edwin: High King of Britain

By Edoardo Albert - Published 2014


Biographical Fiction

There are reasons why so little historical fiction has been set in England in the 7th century. Not only are contemporary accounts scarce, ...Read Review