20th Century

Prairie Fever

By Michael Parker - Published 2019



Set between the wars, Elise Stewart is a fifteen-year-old dreamer living on the rough Oklahoma prairie with her down-to-earth sister Lorena, 17, who is ...Read Review

Duchess by Deception (Gilded Book 1)

By Marie Force - Published 2019



1902. Although he must marry by his fast-approaching thirtieth birthday or lose his title, Derek Eagan, the Duke of Westwood, finds the current crop ...Read Review

The Road Beyond Ruin

By Gemma Liviero - Published 2019


Germany’s surrender to the Allies in May 1945 ended World War II, but Europe’s suffering is scarcely abated. Stefano, a scarred Italian ...Read Review

An Orphan’s Wish

By Molly Green - Published 2018


An Orphan’s Wish is the third book in this series set in World War II in Liverpool and around Bingham Hall, a ...Read Review

Friends Call Me Bat (Five Star Western)

By Paul Colt - Published 2019



In 1919, William Barclay “Bat” Masterson is a slightly plump, older, gray-haired NYC sportswriter who covers boxing. Bat is sought out by younger newsman ...Read Review

Lily’s Home Front

By Hillary Tiefer - Published 2018


Lily is a young Jewish girl living in Oregon during World War II. To help with the war effort, she works as a ...Read Review

Leading Men

By Christopher Castellani - Published 2019


Biographical FictionLiterary

Leading Men achieves what historical fiction does best. Taking the spotlight from the famous protagonists in history, the novel projects its luminous beam ...Read Review

Fight to the Finish: The First World War – Month by Month

By Allan Mallinson - Published 2018



There have been many books written about the Great War. This one, I’d suggest, be made a textbook for secondary schools discussing ...Read Review

The King’s War

By Mark Logue - By Peter Conradi - Published 2018



After the success of The King’s Speech, both as a book and a film, Mark Logue (grandson of the speech therapist Lionel ...Read Review

Death March Escape: The Remarkable Story of a Man Who Twice Escaped the Nazi Holocaust

By Jack J Hersch - Published 2019



Although Death March Escape is a true-life story, it is structured like many historical novels in two time streams. The ‘historic’ stream concerns ...Read Review