20th Century

King Edward VIII: An American Life

By Ted Powell - Published 2018



The affair was the scandal and the wedding of the century – and the toll it took on the royal family of England is ...Read Review

Spies: Ireland’s War of Independence.

By Brian Gallagher - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

September 1920, Ireland. Spies tells the story of the War of Independence through the eyes of three children who are thrown together despite their ...Read Review

Night Train, Night Train

By Robert Burleigh - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

A young boy takes the Dreyfus Hudson locomotive, the night train, in the 1930s or 40s. Sometime during the night the boy falls ...Read Review

Our Castle by the Sea

By Lucy Strange (author) - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

Lucy Strange’s second book takes place on the Kent coast during the first months of the Second World War. Petra and her ...Read Review

I Survived the Attack of the Grizzlies, 1967 (I Survived #17)

By Lauren Tarshis - Published 2018


AdventureChildren/Young Adult

This book is a part of the very popular series, I Survived, written for upper elementary students. Each book transports the reader to ...Read Review

The Spy with the Red Balloon (The Balloonmakers)

By Katherine Locke - Published 2018


Children/Young Adult

Ilse and Wolf Klein have a secret: their blood is magical. They are accustomed to keeping secrets, which makes it slightly easier for ...Read Review

The Secrets of the Tea Garden (The India Tea Book 4)

By Janet MacLeod Trotter - Published 2018


In 1899, on a tea garden estate in Assam, India, a junior officer, James, is summoned by the burra-sahib, Logan, and ordered to handle ...Read Review

The Red Address Book

By Sofia Lundberg - Published 2019


Doris, now 96 years old and living alone in her Stockholm apartment, treasures the red address book given to her by her father in 1928. ...Read Review

The Secrets of Paper and Ink

By Lindsay Harrel - Published 2019



American Sophia Barrett, a domestic violence counselor, discovers returning to work is too painful even after a year has passed since her fiancé’...Read Review

My MacArthur

By Cindy Fazzi - Published 2018


Biographical Fiction

Douglas MacArthur and Isabel Rosario Cooper meet in 1930 in Manila, the Philippines. He’s a successful army leader and she’s an aspiring ...Read Review