20th Century

Learning to See: A Novel of Dorothea Lange, the Woman Who Revealed the Real America

By Elise Hooper - Published 2019


Biographical Fiction

Dorothea Lange, most famous for her Depression-era portraits taken for the federal government, is a complex and pioneering figure with a story worth ...Read Review

At the Wolf’s Table

By Rosella Postorino - Published 2019


Rosa Sauer, a 26-year-old German secretary living in Berlin, has been hired for an unusual position. Though women were unable to fight in ...Read Review

An Hour Unspent (Shadows Over England Book #3)

By Roseanna M. White - Published 2018



Barclay Pierce is an unlikely hero in this 1915 tale, set in London. His family is extensive with several “adopted” siblings he has rescued ...Read Review

Burning Fields

By Alli Sinclair - Published 2018


After helping with the war effort in Brisbane, in 1948 Rosie Stanton returns to her family’s struggling sugar cane farm in rural Queensland, ...Read Review

A Picture of Murder (A Lady Hardcastle Mystery)

By T. E. Kinsey - Published 2018



In 1909, life is relatively quiet in England, the clouds of global warfare still a few years in the future. Lady Hardcastle and her ...Read Review


By David R. Gillham - Published 2019


Alternate HistoryBiographical Fiction

How we all wish that she had survived. That bright-eyed and brave child diarist, whose candid, wise-beyond-her years journal of her undercover exile ...Read Review

The Latecomers

By Helen Klein Ross - Published 2018



With understated elegance, The Latecomers braids many coming-of-age stories into one. First, we have Brighid “Bridey” Molloy, an Irish teenager whose fiancé dies ...Read Review

A Daughter’s Gift

By Maggie Hope - Published 2012Published 2018



Set in the northeast of England at the start of 1910, this dramatic saga reveals the struggles of strong and desperate ten-year-old Elizabeth to ...Read Review

Mapping the Bones

By Jane Yolen - Published 2019


Children/Young Adult

To avoid stuttering, Chaim Abromowitz rarely speaks more than five words at a time, and those only twice a day. As young children ...Read Review

The Weight of a Piano

By Chris Cander - Published 2019



At the turn of the 20th century, Julius Blüthner listens for the music hidden in the trees as he searches the Romanian ...Read Review