Laura Madeleine

An Echo of Scandal

By Laura Madeleine - Published 2019


This novel effortlessly spans a fifty-year time gap with a story that keeps the reader turning until the last page. Accused of murder, ...Read Review

The Secrets Between Us

By Laura Madeleine - Published 2018


Set in southern France, just north of Nice, the story features the Italian occupation of the area in 1943. Ceci (Celeste) Corvin’s father ...Read Review

Where the Wild Cherries Grow

By Laura Madeleine - Published 2017



Prologue: there is a cliff to be climbed. Below there are sea-washed rocks, and above there are sounds of merrymaking from a town. ...Read Review

The Confectioner’s Tale

By Laura Madeleine - Published 2015Published 2016


In 1988, Petra Stevenson has been working on her Ph.D. thesis at Cambridge on the period of history known as the Belle Époque. ...Read Review