L.J. Trafford

Vitellius’ Feast: The Four Emperors Series: Book IV

By L.J. Trafford - Published 2018


AD 69 in Rome, and Nero is dead. He had most of the vices, but at least he had style and aspirations. Vitellius is ...Read Review

Otho’s Regret

By L.J. Trafford - Published 2017


Biographical Fiction

This is the third in a tetralogy set in the Year of the Four Emperors, 69 AD, and follows on from Palatine (HNR 72) and ...Read Review

Galba’s Men

By L.J. Trafford - Published 2016



This is the second book in the Four Emperors series. Book One – Palatine – ended with Nero’s demise and was written not from ...Read Review

Palatine: The Four Emperors — Book 1

By L.J. Trafford - Published 2015


68 A.D. was the Year of the Four Emperors, and this is the first volume of a tetralogy that will follow each of ...Read Review