Jane Healey

Goodnight from Paris

By Jane Healey - Published 2023


Biographical Fiction

In 1939 Paris, attractive 36-year-old American actress Drue Leyton bicycles down the boulevards to a café to meet her agent. She had recently married ...Read Review

The Secret Stealers

By Jane Healey - Published 2021


Recently widowed Anna Cavanaugh takes a job with the OSS in Washington, DC, becoming assistant to General William Donovan, Roosevelt’s right-hand man. ...Read Review

The Animals at Lockwood Manor

By Jane Healey - Published 2020



When Hetty Cartwright is put in charge of the mammal collection of a natural history museum which is being evacuated to Lockwood Manor ...Read Review

The Beantown Girls

By Jane Healey - Published 2019


Jane Healey’s latest book is about the World War II Red Cross Clubmobile Girls, who risked their lives to boost the morale ...Read Review

The Saturday Evening Girls Club

By Jane Healey - Published 2017



The Saturday Evening Girls Club, a real organization in Boston’s North End in the early 1900s, was set up by progressive reformers ...Read Review