Blood Lance

Written by Jeri Westerson
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Late one night in 1386, Crispin Guest is walking along London Bridge when he encounters a man falling from the bridge into the Thames River. After attempting to rescue the man and discovering he died before his fall, Crispin embarks on a search for the killer. Known as the Tracker for his reputation in solving crimes, Crispin is faced with solving a murder where the killer’s identity may reach all the way to the King of England’s court.

A former knight accused of being a traitor nine years earlier, Crispin is assisted by a 14-year-old apprentice named Jack Tucker. When Crispin becomes distracted with overindulging in alcohol and falling in love with women, Tucker keeps him focused on solving the crime.

This is the fifth novel in the series of medieval mysteries featuring Crispin Guest. Westerson does an excellent job combining actual famous people such as Geoffrey Chaucer with her fictitious characters. By adding a mythological artifact such as the search for a missing lance that supposedly pierced the side of Christ on the cross, she presents a page-turning thriller while mixing in a little romance with compelling drama. This is an enjoyable stand-alone novel, but I plan on reading the four previous books in the series. Highly recommended for readers of medieval mysteries.