Words Spoken True

Written by Ann H. Gabhart
Review by Marie Burton

Adriane is a woman born ahead of her time, lacking the desire to be socially acceptable in her prim and proper society. Instead, she finds herself intrigued by the unrest of the 1850s and the political causes of the day. Adriane is at risk of being her father’s assistant at his newspaper for the rest of her days, and she wouldn’t mind that fate. Unfortunately, her father has other plans, as she learns: her future becomes the center of a shady business deal with the major political force of Louisville. Marrying Stan against her will and meeting the dashingly handsome Blake Garrett at the same time is a conundrum for Adriane, and she explores her faith in God while seeking answers to her dilemma.

As luck would have it, Blake is the editor for a rival newspaper and therefore her family’s archenemy. The stars align when these two meet, and we can’t wait to see the fireworks when they admit their mutual attraction. Adriane is a strong heroine, and her inspiring story is complemented by great characters and wicked suspense lurking in the background. The novel boasts a fiery plot rich with historical nuance that is indicative of Gabhart’s writing skill.