Winterwood: Rowankind, Book One

Written by Jacey Bedford
Review by Kristen McQuinn

Rossalinde “Ross” Tremayne is a young widow who took up cross-dressing to carry on her husband’s pirating career during the reign of Mad King George. She took to the seas to keep her natural magic talents at bay, refusing to register her abilities as required with the Mysterium. At her estranged mother’s deathbed, Ross learns she has a young half-brother, and she inherits him along with a small wooden box, plunging them all headlong into a magical quest to undo an ancient curse and free an entire race. Along the way, Ross meets an assortment of allies and enemies, ranging from a shape-shifting wolf that may have his own agenda, a rival pirate who definitely does, evil government agents, and otherworldly beings of the Fae.

This fast-paced novel opens with action which is strongly maintained throughout. The characters are all reasonably well-developed, though there is still plenty of room to grow and learn more about each one, hopefully in future installments in the series. The plot comes to a satisfying conclusion with excellent potential to continue the story further. I am already anxious to read the next installment. It is a cracking fun read with plenty of humor, magic, and a little sex. This should appeal to any fan of historical fantasy.