Where Heaven Begins

Written by Rosanne Bittner
Review by Eileen Charbonneau

Rosanne Bittner, RITA Award finalist with over fifty historical romances to her credit, sets her first Christian romance on a journey from San Francisco to the Klondike’s 1890s Gold Rush. Newly orphaned Elizabeth Breckenridge is falsely accused of seducing her congregation’s minister. She sets off to find her brother’s mission in the wild boomtown of Dawson. Fortunately for her purse and virtue, she captures the attention of Clint Brady, a bounty hunter with a tragic past, who is hunting a Mixed Blood bank robber who lives there. Clint keeps his skills in good shape with many rescues of our heroine, while she looks after his damaged soul and pneumonia-wracked body.

This melodrama is peopled with stock characters traveling at breakneck pace through their adventures. Nice surprises, however, await those who meet a bank robber who isn’t what he first appears to be, and Elizabeth’s new Chinese sister-in-law. The underlying thread of an intensely personal God working in people’s lives is sure to inspire its intended readers, but the rest of us might wish, like Clint, that his Lizzy would give her constant sermonizing a rest.