When the Day Comes (Timeless)

Written by Gabrielle Meyer
Review by Trish MacEnulty

Like many readers, I have a weakness for time-travel novels, and this one adds an extra layer of intrigue. In the world Meyer has created, some people, known as “time-crossers,” are living two different lives in two different time periods. In young adulthood the time-crosser must choose one path and relinquish the other. At twenty years old, Libby knows which lifetime she wants to keep, the one in 1775 Williamsburg, when she, the mother she adores, and the man she loves are all involved in the budding American Revolution. Unfortunately, circumstances in her 1914 life interfere with her plans, and she is doomed to marry a British lord she doesn’t even like, much less love. If she gets pregnant, she’ll have to choose between her unborn child and the life where she is happy.

The 1775 sections are inspired by the real story of a widow who was the first female public printer in Virginia. The history is particularly vivid as the founding fathers struggle to figure out who is friend and who is foe while they move toward a revolution. Libby’s other life —in which she lives in a rundown manor house on the British coast at the beginning of World War I—also has its share of excitement when a German invasion imperils the local community and thrusts Libby into a leadership role.

The clean, straightforward writing delivers an exciting, page-turning plot, filled with fascinating history. Embedded in the story is a strong religious theme, but even readers who are not particularly religious should find this book an engaging and fun read.