Historical American Revolution Fiction Reviews


Setting Two Hearts Free

By Janet Grunst - Published 2020



Set mostly in Virginia during the last years of the American Revolution, this is the story of rebel soldier Donald Duncan and of ...Read Review

The Printer and The Strumpet (The Misadventures of Leeds Merriweather Book 2)

By Larry Brill - Published 2021


It’s 1773, and tensions are swelling in Boston, Massachusetts. On the one side, the Sons of Liberty are becoming increasingly vociferous, demanding rights ...Read Review

The Turncoat’s Widow: A Revolutionary War Mystery

By Mally Becker - Published 2021



In 1779, aboard a British prison ship anchored near Brooklyn, a prisoner named Philip Parcell is tortured and killed. He had refused to divulge ...Read Review

Answering Liberty’s Call: Anna Stone’s Daring Ride to Valley Forge

By Tracy Lawson - Published 2021



As the American Revolution is on the verge of potential collapse and internal political intrigue abounds, Anna Stone receives news that her preacher/...Read Review

Chains Across the River

By Bevis Longstreth - Published 2021



This is the story of Thomas Machin, an engineer of somewhat flawed character who enlisted in the British Army and was posted to ...Read Review

The Women of Chateau Lafayette

By Stephanie Dray - Published 2021



This ambitious saga follows three distinctive women across 150 years and four different wars: the American and French Revolutions and World Wars I and ...Read Review

A Widow’s Guide to Scandal (The Sons of Neptune Book 1)

By Hallie Alexander - Published 2020



Henrietta Caldwell, née Smith, is the widow of an unmourned, abusive husband. Her concern, even as revolution swirls near New York City ...Read Review

Raider of The Scottish Coast

By Marc Liebman - Published 2020



This Age of Sail novel follows Jaco Jacinto of the Continental Navy, and Darren Smythe, Royal Navy, who start as midshipmen. The story ...Read Review

The Virginia Dynasty: Four Presidents and the Creation of the American Nation

By Lynne Cheney - Published 2020



In this highly readable, engrossing work of nonfiction, Cheney chronicles highlights in the lives of the first four men from Virginia who served ...Read Review

Forget Me Not (The Gents Book #1)

By Sarah M. Eden - Published 2020


Inspirational Romance

After the death of his brother in the American Revolution, Lucas Jonquil set forth to see the world—or at least Europe. Now ...Read Review

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