When Love Stirs

Written by Lorna Seilstad
Review by Shaylin Montgomery

Charlotte Gregory is ready to change the world. A recent graduate of Fannie Farmer’s School of Cookery, Charlotte is determined to improve hospitals everywhere by making hospital meals more appetizing and nutritious. Dr. Joel Brooks does not like change. In his carefully ordered world, everything has a place. No book is out of order, no pencil is out of its holder. When Charlotte’s crusade disrupts Joel’s perfect world, can he handle the change? Can Charlotte see past Joel’s faults and into his warm heart?

The second novel in her series The Gregory Sisters, Lorna Seilstad’s When Love Stirs is a fun and inspirational read. Set in the early 20th century, when women were expected to cook in the home, and not in a restaurant, feminist issues are a major concern in this novel. All three of the Gregory sisters—lawyer Hannah, chef Charlotte, and actress Tessa—have big dreams, and the spirit to make those dreams come true in a male-dominated society. The characters are loveable and the plot is entertaining, but the novel’s greatest strength lies in the number of interesting historical facts sprinkled throughout the narrative. Readers of inspirational historical fiction are sure to enjoy Seilstad’s latest creation.