When a Duke Loves a Woman: A Sins for All Seasons Novel

Written by Lorraine Heath
Review by Misty Urban

After Gillian Trewlove chases away attackers robbing a man in the alley outside her tavern in Whitechapel and takes the handsome but bleeding stranger upstairs to her flat, she discovers she has saved the life of the Duke of Thornley. Thorne enlists Gillie’s help in finding the bride who left him at the altar, but as the two roam London’s most notorious rookery, they are more drawn to one another than to the mission. Thorne falls for Gillie’s intelligence, generosity, and resourcefulness, but she is the orphan of unknown parents, and he is expected to enlarge the dukedom. It helps in connecting their worlds that Thorne is willing to pitch in behind the bar, and Gillie looks great in a ball gown. With the help of Mick Trewlove and Lady Aslyn—stars of the previous book in the Sins for All Seasons series—Thorne and Gillie discover they share ideas about class, birth, women’s work, and personal merit that are far more progressive than those generally held in 1871. This sweet and sigh-worthy courtship has charm, a savvy heroine, and a soulful hero that readers will cheer for. Finn Trewlove’s story follows in installment three.