Warriors of the Storm

Written by Bernard Cornwell
Review by Tamela McCann

The ninth entry in Cornwell’s Saxon Tales brings us yet another glorious tale of Uhtred, warrior extraordinaire. Though there is a fragile peace in Wessex, Mercia, and East Anglia, rumors of Danes and Northmen constantly circulate, putting King Alfred’s son, Edward, and his daughter, Æthelflaed, on alert. Uhtred, in control of most of Mercia, soon finds himself facing Ragnall Ivarson, a warrior who has aligned with the Irish and is determined to take over the northern country for himself.

As in most of the series, Uhtred finds himself and his men in all-but-inescapable predicaments and yet somehow finds ways not only to break out, but also reign victorious over his enemies. Uhtred continues to delight in taunting those who are against him, and while he may not have the complete favor he once did with Æthelflaed, he still uses his arrogance and swagger to great purpose. This story brings back Uhtred’s family members and at least one character not seen since the first book.

Uhtred is in full form once again in this novel, and I for one would not have him any other way. For fans of the television show, it should be noted that the books are richer and more involved, and Uhtred continues to surprise nine books on.