10th Century

The Unseen (The Sufi Mysteries Quartet)

By Laury Silvers - Published 2021



10th-century Baghdad. The body of a murdered man is found, his wounds seemingly identical to those suffered by the martyr Abbas ibn Ali ...Read Review

To Love a Viking (Tavland Vikings)

By Heather Day Gilbert - By Jen Cudmore - Published 2022


Inspirational Romance

To Love a Viking is set primarily in fictional Tavland, an island near Norway, during the years 998-999 AD, when Christianity was spreading ...Read Review

The Last Crown (The Bold, 2)

By Elzbieta Cherezinska - By Maya Zakrzewska-Pim (trans.) - Published 2022



Covering the years between 997-1018, this Viking saga continues the story begun in The Widow Queen. Świętosława of the Duchy of ...Read Review

The King’s Corpse

By M.J. Jones - Published 2021



Anglo-Saxon England, 979 CE. Tryff, a disreputable (albeit nobly born) Welshman, is ordered by the abbess, to whom he has sworn service, to find ...Read Review

Sigurd’s Swords: A Viking Age Novel (Olaf’s Saga Book 2)

By Eric Schumacher - Published 2021


In 968 AD, two young Norse warriors, Torgil and Olaf, find themselves fighting for their lives within the Swedish Viking-controlled land of the Rus ...Read Review

The Thrall: Viking Saga Book I

By Sarah Myers - Published 2021



999 AD. The people of Anglia believed they were safe from Viking raiders—after all, their king had paid a hefty Danegeld to keep ...Read Review

Erik the Red

By Oliver Latsch (trans.) - By Tilman Roehrig - Published 2021


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

Eric the Red is a Norse historical saga about a 10th-century Viking explorer and founder of Iceland. The tale begins when Eric’s ...Read Review

The Raven Banner

By Tim Hodkinson - Published 2020



This second book in Tim Hodkinson’s rip-roaring Viking adventure series, The Whale Road Chronicles, sees Einar plying his trade as a bard ...Read Review

The Wolf Hunt (The Whale Road Chronicles 3)

By Tim Hodkinson - Published 2021



The third book in the Whale Road Chronicles has our Viking warrior band despairing, as they believe they have been cursed by a ...Read Review

The Widow Queen (The Bold 1)

By Elzbieta Cherezinska - Published 2021


Set mainly in Poland, Denmark, and Sweden from about 984 to 997 AD, The Widow Queen is the story of Swietoslawa, daughter of Duke Mieszko ...Read Review

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