10th Century

The King’s Corpse

By M.J. Jones - Published 2021



Anglo-Saxon England, 979 CE. Tryff, a disreputable (albeit nobly born) Welshman, is ordered by the abbess, to whom he has sworn service, to find ...Read Review

Sigurd’s Swords: A Viking Age Novel (Olaf’s Saga Book 2)

By Eric Schumacher - Published 2021


In 968 AD, two young Norse warriors, Torgil and Olaf, find themselves fighting for their lives within the Swedish Viking-controlled land of the Rus ...Read Review

The Thrall: Viking Saga Book I

By Sarah Myers - Published 2021



999 AD. The people of Anglia believed they were safe from Viking raiders—after all, their king had paid a hefty Danegeld to keep ...Read Review

Erik the Red

By Oliver Latsch (trans.) - By Tilman Roehrig - Published 2021


Biographical FictionChildren/Young Adult

Eric the Red is a Norse historical saga about a 10th-century Viking explorer and founder of Iceland. The tale begins when Eric’s ...Read Review

The Raven Banner

By Tim Hodkinson - Published 2020



This second book in Tim Hodkinson’s rip-roaring Viking adventure series, The Whale Road Chronicles, sees Einar plying his trade as a bard ...Read Review

The Wolf Hunt (The Whale Road Chronicles 3)

By Tim Hodkinson - Published 2021



The third book in the Whale Road Chronicles has our Viking warrior band despairing, as they believe they have been cursed by a ...Read Review

The Widow Queen (The Bold 1)

By Elzbieta Cherezinska - Published 2021


Set mainly in Poland, Denmark, and Sweden from about 984 to 997 AD, The Widow Queen is the story of Swietoslawa, daughter of Duke Mieszko ...Read Review

War Lord (Saxon Tales 13)

By Bernard Cornwell - Published 2020



This is the (probable) conclusion to The Last Kingdom series, which follows the adventures of Uhtred, the lord of Bebbanburg (Bamburgh), during the ...Read Review

Theophano: A Byzantine Tale

By Spyros Theocharis - Published 2020


940 – 976 CE, Constantinople. Despite her low birth, Anastasia dreams of becoming Empress. By chance, she meets the prince, and the two fall in love. ...Read Review

Anya and the Nightingale

By Sofiya Pasternack - Published 2020


AdventureChildren/Young AdultHistorical Fantasy

Anya and her “foolish” friend Ivan are back in Book 2, one year after series debut Anya and the Dragon, with another adventure. This ...Read Review

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