Warrior’s Bride

Written by Gerri Russell
Review by Leisure

Douglas “Wolf” Stewart, bastard son of Scotland’s king, lives as his father’s pawn. The latest command: marry an orphan girl for reasons unrevealed. Wolf intends to disobey, but when he sees the girl he is determined to protect her – from what, he is not sure. Isobel Grange, abused and abandoned, has been a victim all her life. She carries memories of her mother’s madness and her father’s cruelty, and a deep fear of her destiny. That destiny is tied to the Stone she carries, a Stone that shows the future – not only her own, but Wolf’s, and perhaps that of the entire kingdom.

Fourteenth-century Scotland is a dark place in Warrior’s Bride, a place of supernatural powers and bloody betrayals as well as deep passions. The writer tells rather than shows, which is distracting, but the characters are sympathetic and alive, and the plot mixes romance, fantasy, and intrigue. Isobel, spiritless at first, matures into a strong heroine by the end; Wolf, with his checkered past, hides a deeper side of his own. The result is a page-turning historical romance, holding the reader’s attention until the unconventional conclusion.