Walk the Wild With Me

Written by Rachel Atwood
Review by Linnea Tanner

Walk the Wild with Me is a historical fantasy set in Robin Hood’s legendary Nottingham. The reader must suspend disbelief as the story takes us into the mortal world of Nick at Locksley Abbey, the magical forest of Wild Folk, and the mystical realm of Faery Mound. Orphaned as a toddler, Nick illustrates the faces of Wild Folk on manuscripts that he sees every time he ventures into the woods. On one of his forays, he discovers a crypt beneath the abbey, where he finds a silver cup with the etching of the three-figured goddess, Elena. Able to hear Elena whisper to him, he carries the cup everywhere and is drawn into the world of The Green Man—known as Little John to mortals. Nick learns of Little John’s quest to rescue his human lover from Queen Mab of the Faeries. The door to the Faery Mound only opens when the moons of the two realms align on Midsummer’s Night. Nick holds the key to unlocking the door into the Fairy Mound so they can free the girl.

Author Atwood has written a unique story based on English folklore and its mythical creatures and worlds. The narrative is told from the points of view of several characters to help understand the plot and mystical landscapes. The world-building is rich in description. The story seamlessly weaves between historical and fantastical backdrops. The underlying theme of discord between the new Christian religion and older pagan beliefs adds another fascinating layer to the conflict.

Walk the Wild with Me immerses the readers into the shapeshifting worlds of Wild Folk and long-forgotten fairies. Recommended for readers who enjoy English folklore.