Written by Maureen Peters
Review by Sara Wilson

When two assistant curators die unexpectedly of gastric influenza, Tansy Clark’s retired policeman father asks her to investigate, and she quickly becomes embroiled in a complex mystery involving the exotic Vashti. Vashti is both the errant wife of a reclusive millionaire and a fabulously valuable statue of a biblical queen.

As Tansy becomes involved in the case her life is put in danger. As shocks follow shocks, it also seems that her late fiancé may not have been all he seemed.

This is the second novel to feature Tansy Clark, and she is shaping up nicely as a liberated Victorian lady investigator. Being genteel, with a moderate independent income and a bold outlook gives her character plenty of chutzpah. She also wrestles with personal demons, making her appealingly flawed. The plot is pretty good too – with plenty of red herrings, thrills and spills to keep the action racing along.

With her past put to rest and a love interest in the offing further mysteries featuring Tansy and company are definitely on the cards – fingers crossed.