Train from Marietta

Written by Dorothy Garlock
Review by Carol Anne Germain

Here is an enjoyable and relaxing curl-up read for a cozy Sunday afternoon! This is Dorothy Garlock’s newest addition to her three dozen titles. It’s a Depression-era romance, with a sweet young nurse, Kate Tyler, who’s headed cross country for a job in San Francisco. Along the way, she’s kidnapped by a bunch of Texas ruffians who were commissioned by her father’s unscrupulous business partner.

To the rescue comes her hero, Tate Castle, a Texas cowboy. Castle is hired by Kate’s wealthy father to find and rescue her from the outlaws. While Kate seems like a city girl, her spunkiness comes out as the adventure progresses, and of course, Castle finds this irresistible. There’s more to the story, since Tate has a young handicapped daughter not too eager to embrace Ms. Tyler or the affections her father has for this other woman.

This book has lots of climatic adventure in the wild, a good dose of romance and just enough nurturing and love; so sit back for a fun and sweet novel.