HNR Issue 35 (February 2006)

The Strength of his Hand

By Lynn Austin - Published 2005



The tiny kingdom of Judah has prospered under King Hezekiah, who has torn down the idols and reestablished the worship of Yahweh. But ...Read Review

Sorrow Without End

By Priscilla Royal - Published 2006



Near Tyndal Priory in East Anglia in 1271, the corpse of a man brutally murdered lies wrapped in a Crusader’s cloak with an ...Read Review

The Secret Pearl

By Mary Balogh - Published 2005



Isabella Fleur Bradshaw is a gentlewoman driven by circumstance to wait outside London’s Drury Theatre one night to sell the only thing ...Read Review

The Sudbury School Murders

By Ashley Gardner - Published 2005



Captain Lacey has taken up a position as secretary to the headmaster of the Sudbury School, an institution that caters to the sons ...Read Review

A Heart for Any Fate

By Suzanne Lyon - Published 2005


Biographical FictionSaga

On the beautiful banks of the New River in Virginia in 1790, Hannah Allison married Willard Temple Cole. Hannah and Temple took up farming ...Read Review

The Tale of Holly How

By Susan Wittig Albert - Published 2005



Running commentary from badgers, dogs, sheep, and other creatures of farm and field give a suitably Peter Rabbitish flavor to this tale of ...Read Review

Rampart Street

By David Fulmer - Published 2006



Rampart Street brings New Orleans of 1910 vibrantly alive with descriptions of “jass,” bordellos and street life in the third of the Valentin St. ...Read Review

Mrs. Freud

By Nicolle Rosen - Published 2005


Biographical Fiction

It is 1946, seven years after the death of Sigmund Freud. American journalist Mary Huntington Smith contacts Freud’s wife, Martha, with a proposition ...Read Review

States of Grace

By Chelsea Quinn Yarbro - Published 2005



Yarbro, author of more than twenty novels about the life of the Count Saint-Germain, gives readers a satisfying new chapter in the life ...Read Review

Dark Sons

By Nikki Grimes - Published 2005


Children/Young AdultInspirational

This book is written in tender poetic narratives through the voices of two emotionally charged young men. Ishmael, the son of the Biblical ...Read Review

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