HNR Issue 35 (February 2006)

Six for Gold

By Eric Mayer - By Mary Reed - Published 2005



Six for Gold is Reed & Mayer’s sixth John the Eunuch mystery, set in 6th century Constantinople. John the Eunuch is Emperor ...Read Review


By Mark Ammerman - Published 2005



Ransom tells the story of the Praying Indian Towns period of New England history from 1646-1675 through the eyes of a Narragansett named ...Read Review

Calling the Wind

By Rita Cleary - Published 2005


AdventureBiographical Fiction

With the 2006 celebration of the bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, Calling the Wind is one of many new releases about the ...Read Review

Black Elk in Paris

By Kate Horsley - Published 2006


In 1888, as the Eiffel Tower is being constructed close by, the lives of a French family and their physician are changed by a ...Read Review

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

By Lisa See - Published 2005Published 2006 (UK)



Set in 19th century China in a secluded village, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan is the graceful story of Snow Flower and ...Read Review

The Man from Beyond

By Gabriel Brownstein - Published 2005


Biographical Fiction

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is better known as the creator of Sherlock Holmes than an enthusiast for Spiritualism, but it is that passion ...Read Review

The Victory Club

By Robin Lee Hatcher - Published 2005



The Victory Club is the predictable story of four women on the American home front during World War II. Margo King has never ...Read Review

High Country

By Willard Wyman - Published 2005



It is not often that I come across a book that I put aside to wait anxiously for that peaceful time of night ...Read Review

Calamity Jane: The Woman and the Legend

By James D. McLaird - Published 2005



McLaird most thoroughly debunks all Calamity Jane tall tales, along with my favorite, the Doris Day movie. This is a meticulously researched book ...Read Review

Eyes of the Emperor

By Graham Salisbury - Published 2005


Children/Young AdultMilitary

“…if they ever let us fight in this war, I will stand up and go to the end. They’re not going to ...Read Review

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