Too Deep for Words

Written by Andrea Boeshaar
Review by Beth Turza

This book follows Carrie Ann Collier and her sister, Margaret, through the last days of the American Civil War. The women had endured much pain and loss in the first book of the Shenandoah Valley Saga, and both sisters have reached a point of happiness. Carrie and Peyton are newlyweds, and he uses his power as a Union officer to rescue Margaret from servitude to live with them. Just before a battle, Peyton asked his best friend, Elijah Wood, to become his legal manager in the event that he falls. This would mean that he would be paid to handle Peyton’s property and money and care for his wife. Eli is willing to do this for his friend; however, as a Confederate soldier, this may not be an easy task caring for a Yankee widow and accessing funds for her. When Peyton goes missing in action, Eli and Carrie are thrown together as she travels to Libby Prison to try to find her husband. Her strong faith in God convinces her he is not dead. The novel ends with a cliffhanger, promising the reader another installment of the series.

This novel shows powerful women who need to have strength as well as faith to continue on when things become overwhelming. They are trapped between two armies, and the local boys they grew up with are fighting on opposite sides. Carrie struggles with knowing that two men love her, but if the one is lost to her, is it okay to move on? The women are not always certain who to trust, but know that they can trust in the Lord. Those who like Christian historical novels combined with Civil War drama will enjoy this series.